Thursday, May 8, 2008

Long awaited update...

First of all, let me start by updating on John. He is still at Craig and seems to be making gradual progress. I got to talk to him today while my parents were there, and he talked a lot more then the last time. Last time he just whispered, but I could hear him and understand much better this time. Although some of what he said, didn't make sense, it was just good to hear him talk, He was telling me about how he tried to get ahold of someone but couldnt, and was going to keep trying. He seems to know sometimes what is going on, and other times doesn't because at the end he told me he loved me and was going to give the phone back to my mom. He seems to be doing stuff sporadically. He is improving in many ways, he was unable to write his name clearly before, and today he wrote it very clear, he is also starting to be able to walk with help more often. He will seem to understand things sometimes, but if you ask him the same thing again he seems confused. At this point of his recovery it is just very hard to understand and know how he may improve. They have said that the area of his brain that was affected meant that he had to have fallen pretty hard because it is just such an awkward spot, which may be leading to the way he is recovering now. He walked quite a bit yesterday around the facility and with help of course. He also got the gt(feeding tube) out yesterday. We just need to continue to lift him up in prayer, and know that God has a bigger plan then we do. He knows what is in store for John, and all of us and I truly believe he has great plans for us.

As for the Robbins clan, we are hanging in there. Halia is just getting too big and teaching me stuff everyday. She knows at least 10 body parts, 12 different signs(sign language) and repeats everything everyone says. She loves to sing and dance and still seems to be pretty attached at the hip. But there is definately that independent two year old attitude coming out in her, because when she wants to do something, she wants it done her way or at that time. She wants to be a big girl in all that she does. She is unfortunately however starting the "terrible twos" and is getting good at throwing fits. I think we may have our hands full when she hits her teenage years, and thats something I am not even ready to think about :) She is extremely busy and wants to always be go go go. She loves to go to the park, and slide on her slide set we have in her room. She is finally starting to enjoy bath time again which has been a love/hate relationship for much of the last year. I am hoping I can take her for swim lessons this year, but we may be better to wait until next year.
As for me, I am just finished my Algebra class and passed with a "B". I am so thankful it is done, and I am taking the summer off!! But I will be hitting it full force starting again in the fall, then onto a nursing program starting next May.
As for Jake, he is doing pretty good. He is working hard doing a lot of work around the area. His team and him have made a lot of progress since he has been there and I am very proud of him for all his leadership and progress they have made. He will be hopefully be making it home much sooner then we originally thought and we couldn't be happier!!
As for Arkansas, I dont quite know what to say. I am so tired of the weather!!! We have had such an "unusual" spring from what all the locals say, and all I know is I am traumatized from having to take cover way more then I would have ever wanted too. I used to like storms, but anytime we hear storm, that means we will all be watching the tv to see whats happening.

I think of now that is all. I hope you enjoy the pics, we have been trying to get out when we can since the weather is getting nice, but still cool enough to really be outside, so we are enjoying it.

How cute is she, except for the milk pouring out of her mouth, she thinks its funny:)
Haha thats funny

Her first horseback ride, that she really didn't like at all, even with mommy with her

Do you see this look, yeah I get this look all the time Sweet Halia

She is so cute in yellow
She has fun playing outside, she loves to go "ouside"
The ball is dirty mommy

Me and my new glasses... ugh

her black eye she got falling on a chair at school, she still has clumsy feet:)
Nala thinks when she isn't a human, she is a cat haha