Friday, October 31, 2008


We have had a good fall. Halia dressed up cute like a penguin for Halloween.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cute stories...

Well I have decided that the things a two year old can say or do can be so funny and cute. Just a few of the recent stories I can think of lately....

Our cat Java passed away on tuesday and when Jake called me to let me know that morning, I was getting Halia ready and I was crying, she said "no cry mommy, no sad". When we were driving in the car she must have just known that I could use the extra encouragement and told me "Mommy..... I wuv you". Aww we are almost always the ones who initiate it first.

She talks all the time now, and says the funniest things.

One of her biggest things she says is "I no seed it mommy" or "I no heared it mommy". She is always on the outlook for airplanes and helicopters.

At night we always sit in her rocking chair in her room and read a story and snuggle. Last night we were sitting there and she stood up and said "rock a baby mom" so we started to sing rock-a-bye-baby and she stood there laughing and rocking. When it is time for bed, she says nuggle min right there(pointing to her chair)

Thats allI can think of for the moment, but I will add more as she says them, because you never know these days. hope everyone is doing well...

Friday, October 10, 2008

October begins!! Fall is finally in the air

Well as Oct is well underway so is the start of fall in Arkansas. I have to admit I am pretty excited! We have already had a busy month. Jake and some of our wonderful friends have been working on the fence and before long we will be able to enjoy all that comes with having a fenced backyard:) Every Sunday we are doing dinner with the neighbors, and there are probably 6-8 families every week which is fun to do. My transmission on my car went out last week, so we had to have that fixed, and I now have my car back and running so hopefully we won't have any further issues with it. Lauren and I took Halia to the zoo last weekend and she really enjoyed getting to see all the animals( I will add pics soon). Halia is getting so big, every day she seems to say more and more that just surprises us. She is really becoming a little girl and not our little baby anymore. It is so fun to see them grow and learn, but there is also part of me that gets kind of sad to think the little baby we could hold in our arms is now fast growing into her own personality and person. As for Jake, he is doing great!!! He just found out Thursday that he made TECH Sergeant!!!! Yay!! I am so proud of him, and all of his hard work paid off. He should sew on sometime later this year or early next year. He will be taking over more responsibilities at work and have more troops that he will look after. As for me, just busy with work and school. School has been hard for me this semester. Not sure if its the lack motivation or what, but I am just ready to be in the nursing program and done with all the prereqs. This weekend we are doing the Race for the Cure and going to cabotfest which is a little fall festival they have in the town close to us. We are hoping to go the the pumpkin patch soon, and get some fall family pics again soon.
I think that is all for now in the house of the Robbins, I will update again soon. Hope everyone is doing well!