Friday, July 4, 2008

July Begins

Oh where to start.... The last month has flown by. Jake came home June 5 (pics below) and it has been very busy since. Halia did very good when he came home. We were a little nervous because she is gong through a shy time, but she was so happy to see him. Gave him kisses and hugs, ans couldn't stop smiling. She didn't go to him right away but it didn't take long for her to warm up, and then he was all she wanted. We had a bbq the weekend after he came home, and have been gone every weekend since. We went to fort smith to see family, then the weekend after, Jake and I had a nice getaway just the two of us to Eureka SPrings where we got to rent a boat and have a nice dinner for my birthday. It was a nice break from reality. This last weekend Halia and I went to Oklahoma to visit my good friend Jen and her girls. THey may be going back to CA and we wanted to see them again before they left. We had a great time!! Jake started back to work last week. He will start eight hour shifts starting next week. As for me, work has been crazy, I am working 4 10's so I can have fridays off through the summer, but getting up at 430 every morning is taking a toll on me. Halia is getting so big. She always amazes me. SHe is 25+ pounds now and thinks she is grown up. She is Miss independent has to be a big girl at everything.
We are finally taking a vacation, Halia and I leave next friday to go to CA and see Emma, then Jake is going to see his friend and family and we are going to meet in CO to see the family and friends, and especially John. I am so excited!!
As for John, I know its been awhile since I updated last, but its hard to update when I am only hearing how he is since, last time I actually saw him he was completely different. He is living at a house in CSprings. He lives with one other person and they have 24 hour care. He is taken to all of his therapies and being worked with daily. He seems to be doing pretty good but of course has his bad days. I talked to him on my birthday and it was definately nice to hear him really talk, although not necessarily sure of what he wanted to say. I will be able to give a better update in a few weeks and hopefully add some more pics. We will be there for a week, so hopefully we can get some good stuff:) Hope everyone is doing well, and I will continue to add pics, so keep checkin k:)

These pics are in the new house. He is glad to be there I think:)