Saturday, September 19, 2009


So I was looking at a prayer request webpage for preemies and I just had to get on here after. I guess with our friends Sean and Natalie that just recently having their twins at only 25 wks, I have had it on my heart alot lately because I can remember all too clearly what they are going through. I am absolutely amazed at how medicine is constantly changing, and how amazing our God is that babies born at just a mere pound or two can survive and have very few problems. I think back to all the fear and how as a parent of a preemie, the only thing you live and breathe is that baby, and each day to see the progress. How just increasing and tolerating 1 more milliliter of milk is abolutely exciting because that is just one of the many things you have to do before they can come home. How when you are finally able to hold your little one, what they call Kangaroo care, the feeling is amazing. How empty you feel when you leave the hospital that first time without them. All still know that it could be weeks or even months before they will be able to come home with you. I pray for those who have preemies, and I pray for those sweet babies, that God will hold them in His hand until they make it safely home.
Please keep Sean and Natalie and the twins, Marlee and Merrick in your prayers, along with all the other preemie families out there.
And check out their website!