Sunday, June 24, 2007

I figured it out finally!! I added pics! Yay! Now I will start adding more pics more often! Enjoy!

Thanks for this weekend!!

We had our house warming yesterday. First time we have had a real get together at our house. Thank you to all of you who came, and for the gifts!! It was great to see everyone, we love to entertain, so it is always fun!! I hope that we can have many more get togethers at the house, and look forward to being able to spend more time with everyone. I also want to welcome back some of the boys from the squadron, we are glad you guys made it back safe. Halia and Joshua had fun playing together, and Halia is quite the ham. She started pulling up on the couch that night, and now it is constant. She is standing up in her crib every time I walk in her room now. Ahhh, they grow so fast, and before we know it, she will be walking and into everything!! Anyways, Thanks again to everyone! I will post again soon, and if I can ever figure it out, I will add more pictures.

Friday, June 15, 2007

It is Friday, and the weekend is here, and I can truly thank God for that. This week has seemed to take a toll on us. Not only has work been crazy for us both, it seems we come home to do more work, (as do most of you right). Jake had surgery Thursday morning and that went well. We dropped Halia off at daycare and got to the outpatient clinic at about 6:30. He went into surgery at about 8:40 and I got to see him at about 10:20 once he had recovered. They fixed his Flica in his knee and also scraped out some arthritis. The Dr said that it might be something that will bother him off and on as he does anything from here on. He is eager to get back to softball. His crazy nurse got him even more excited by telling him he could probably be playing in a month or month and a half!! Ahhh some people. Anyways, we got him home and settled in the chair and I headed to work, when about two hours later, Halia's daycare called and said she had a fever of 102.8! I went into instant mommy panic. I went and picked her up and called the Dr, who told me to just monitor it throughout the night and call back in the morning to be seen. Well I call this morning to let them know she still had slight fever 99.5 and I thought it might be her ears. She told me to just put drops and she should be fine! Um... No she has had probs with her ears for so long, we need to get her checked and need a note for daycare. I went to get the note and our nurse got us in with Dr. Williams, so I feel much better now. Our little angel is fine, she just has an ear infection and they gave her some medicine for reflux for her cough. I hope she starts to feel better. It seems like she has had an ear infection and cough since she came home from the hospital. Anyways, this weekend we are off to fort smith!! I am looking forward to it. Just relax, swim, and bbq with the family. Jake and I might even be able to sneak in a date night(the first real one since Halia came home) on saturday night! Hope you all have a great weekend!! God bless!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Well I know its been a few days since I have updated. Halia started crawling today!! It really just amazes me how big she is. We decided this week to move her to the daycare at my work. They finally had an opening after being on the list since I was pregnant. I never knew that making a decision about a daycare could be so nerveracking:) It will be good I think though, she will be close and it will be easier on all of us. Other then that, we just had a relaxing day. Played, and went outside for awhile, and she is sleeping again. I love the weekends, but they go too fast, and it seems she sleeps alot because she doesnt hardly sleep at daycare, so maybe she is just catching up.