Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quick update

I hope everyone is doing well! Just wanted to write and update real quick on all that is oging on in our worlds. Jake is doing well. Had surgery on shoulder a few weeks ago and on the way to recovery. He is hopefully leaving UAE on wednesday and should get into Baltimore wednesday and hopefully be home on thurs!! We are very excited to see him. I can't wait for him to see how much Halia has changed.
As for John, He leaves for a new house tomorrow morning. He will be going to a house that has one other person living there and a 24 nurse and will be able to take him to his therapies, etc. He seems to be making big improvements everyday. We are going to go home in July so I am very excited to see him and the family!!
As for me and Halia, not much new. SHe seems to continue to amaze me every day. She is saying several word sentences and knows many signs(sign language). She is just getting so big so fast:) But she is so much fucn to watch grow and change.
I will update again later this week and try to add some pictures. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!! My good friend from CO/ Seattle, Jen and her girls, came down to see me and we stayed busy so I have tons of pics.
Update soon.