Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet babies

Well I hope that everyone had a great Christmas! Ours was nice, we got up kind of late, we had to actually wake Halia up at about 945. She saw that Santa came, and we started to open gifts. She got tired about half way through so we saved the rest until later when we opened gifts with some of our friends, Dom, Adam, Lauren and Jimmy. Thanks for sharing the day with us guys!! It is always nice to have good company, although I have to admit I missed being home for Christmas this year!
Halia has been exceptionally cute lately. We were reading her books the other night before she went to sleep and she decided she wanted to read it to me, so as she read it there is a part where the ducks want ten kisses each, so she kissed my cheek over and over:)

She has also started saying I love you more and most. We will go back and forth its pretty cute:)

I added a video of her but could no matter how hard I tried its still sideways...
Hope everyone is doing well! Enjoy the pics...

Nala and kitty are finally friends

kitty thought the comp was warm

Nala really wanted to be friends with him

She tried very hard to be friends with him but kitty still wasn't sure

we made Christmas cookies and decorated

bringing kitty home

Playing at Mimi's house

She got a Dora robe from Papa and Bana

Christmas morning

kitty wanted to unwrap some too

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! We had a nice day at home. Halia slept in so it was nice to be able to stay in bed a little later then the norm. Once she realized Santa came we started opening gifts. She got tired of them after awhile though so we decided we would finish later. We had some good friends over. Made chili for dinner and finished opening gifts. Then finished the night playing wii. I am off to bed as I have to work 16 hrs tomorrow. Hope that everyone had a very blessed Christmas! I will add pics later.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mid december

Well I can't believe it is almost Christmas already. We have had a crazy busy month with all our parties and stuff we have been doing. For Thanksgiving we had Jake's troops over for dinner, Probably about 20-25 people ended up showing up, so we had quite the house full. It was nice to have everyone over, especially since many who came over don't have families close or live in the dorms. A few good friends came over and helped me cook, Thank you girls, I definitely couldn't have done it without you!! And much appreciation to Jake, who stayed up most the night smoking the turkey when he had to work the day of thanksgiving so that we could have a 24lb smoked turkey. Overall I would say everyone left with full bellies, and we did pretty good considering it was my first time ever cooking for that many people a big meal. Our friend Adam had his baby over thanksgiving break!! Congratulations!!
We got our Christmas decorations up shortly after thanksgiving. This year Jake put lights on our house which is so exciting because I have always wanted lights on our house! Thank you honey! We even have a family of deer and two pretty trees.
At the beginning of December started our Christmas parties. I had my work Christmas party the first weekend in December. We just went down to Cajuns Wharf on the river.
The next Friday the 12th was Jake's Christmas party which was at the Convention Center on base. It was a nice dinner. And a little more formal. They gave away many gifts to those who won the raffle drawing. They also did a game that Jake, OSbourn, Dillan, and Evans did where they had to wrap a gift with one of each "couple's" arm. Both teams won because there was $50 inside each box. Later in the week, we went to our friend Fletcher's Airman Leadership School(ALS) graduation. Congrats Fletch!! This weekend we are up in Fort Smith Spending time with the family for Christmas. Since we only have a few days off for Christmas we would not have much time up here so we decided to come up and spend the weekend!! We have enjoyed our time and wish we could have seen everyone, and spend more time with everyone. Now here is all of the pics.... I hope everyone has a great holiday season and enjoy spending time with those you love!! Now here is just some of the pics, I will add the rest after this weekend.

Adam the night before he was a "daddy"