Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer has begun....

Well as you can see it has been forever since I updated last... but it seems the last few months have gotten away from me....

In february we went home for to weeks to Colorado. We spent the first week in Breckenridge at my families condo which was fabulous. Jake and I skiied a few days, and we were able to enjoy some relaxation time playing games, at the hot tubs and just shopping the stores. John went with us and seemed to really enjoy it. Halia loved the snow since it was her first time to play in it she had a blast, but only sat by as grandpa and I went sledding. The second week we were there we spent down in Colorado Springs with my family and were able to spend some time with some great friends!! For those we didn't get to see, we miss you and hope next time we can see you all!! As for John he is doing ok. He seems to have his ups and downs still. He is living with his mom right now.

The months since then have been a blur:) As for Jake he was working on flight(normal base patrol) during the eveing so our schedules seemed to conflict quite a bit. He left today for a six month deployment, but he is going down to TX for a few weeks first for training then has to be in country by the beginning of July. I will keep you updated on him and how things are going and as soon as I get a address and email address I will let you all know. He will have his phone for at least the next two weeks if you were not able to talk to him or want to get ahold of him.

As for me, I got accepted into nursing school. I have a six week summer program that I have been doing and thankfully next week is the last week. It was been definately giving me a run for my money... as long as I pass... I get to continue into nursing school in August. I am still working on the surgery floor as often as possible.

Halia, Wow!! All I can say is I have a little girl on my hands, she is no longer a baby or for that matter really even a toddler anymore. Some days I think she has a better grasp on things then we do. She is unbelievably smart and is extremely busy. She is finally past her terrible twos, but we know we may not be in the clear for threes yet :)

My friend Aunee from CO came down to "live" with me for as long as time allows.... She came down in midmay and will hopefully stay at least through Jake's deployment, but may decide she wants to stay.... I am very excited to have her here and think it will definately help make things alittle easier with Jake being gone.

I just wanted to try to overview update since I have been so horrible about it lately. I will post again soon and will add pics as well!!

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